Don’t take our word for it. Let our wonderful customers tell you how much they love Franki & Bee.

Finding a product like this has been skin transforming!

As soon as I started using this product I was amazed, my skin was softer overnight.

The texture is like whipped butter and melts just the same. The smell is a heavenly mix of nature and bees with a hint of coconut and nutty macadamia.

I had the pleasure of using Franki & Bee as my Wedding Bombonieres 

 I thank Gina for such an amazing gift to give my friends and family and for the amazing product she has produced.

All without the added nasties you will find in the majority of other beauty products. I use this product for everything, from my head to my toes.

Everyone has been amazed at the quality and Benefits the cream has had for them. In particular my best friend who surfers from eczema on his hands.

My partner also loves to use this as a beard tamer and after shaving.

No longer do I need to search for something to make my skin glow and be the best it can be. This is the one for me!

Polly Whalan

Bride – Wedding Bombonieres

I’m a carpenter who is exposed to the elements a lot! After a long day covered in saw dust or after working in the sun, I’ll either go for a wave or just a swim in the ocean to cool off. I was finding my lips, nose and forehead were getting pretty rough and raw.

Gina’s simple and healthy skin food made my face smooth again and even wind burn became a thing of the past!

Love the fact there is few ingredients and no chemicals. And the ladies love the healthy skin look on a tradie 😉

Jason – Builder

Franki & Bee is great for roughed up hands. After a big climbing session the moisturiser meant I could keep calluses which I thought I’d lose for sure.

Lach – Climber

Thank you so much Frankie & Bee. Loving this skin food. Great to smooth my sore hands after a day’s work.

As a local farmer it great knowing that you have gone to the effort to use all local ingredients and support our local farmers!

And its great that by using this product I can support them too.

Joel – Farmer

I love Gina’s moisturiser, I have been using for about 8 months now. I have very dry sun damaged skin, I only like to use natural products and this is the best natural product I have used for my face and body. Using only a small amount it really goes a long way. I really notice the difference and my friends have also commented. 


A luxurious emollient that works wonders on tired old skin. Gina’s cream rejuvenated dry and cracked areas instantly. I buy it for myself and give them as gifts to family. Apart from the delightful presentation in simple glass pots we had faith in Gina’s insistence on using natural ingredients. 


I decided to try out Gina’s Creme because I wanted a moisturiser that was made ethically and from all natural products with a emphasis on fewer ingredients and higher potency. I noticed it contains fewer ingredients than other skin care products, which means fewer chances of side effects.

I was hoping to see an increase in skin firmness, reduction of redness as well as an overall “glow”. I found that Gina’s creme delivered all of this and more! Not only was my skin firmer and glowing my redness had decreased significantly as well. It moisturises my skin deeply and contributes to maintaining a healthy glow.

I have also been using Gina’s Creme as an after sun treatment as it protects the skin, cures the damage and nourishes it deeply. 

I found that Gina’s combination of beeswax, protecting my skin from issues like acne, dryness, eczema and also seems to slow down the formation of wrinkles due to excessive exposure to UV rays and sunlight, macadamia and hemp oil are my skin saviours!

It is an absolute pleasure to write a testimonial for Gina’s Creme, not only is it beautifully made, ethical and environmentally conscious, it also leaves me feeling gorgeous on the inside and the outside!

Jess – Babe