The Story of Franki & Bee

The Planet is going through some of the biggest changes experienced since the birth of humanity, we are disconnected, creating devastating and irreversible damage to ecosystems Planet wide.

Rather than being a buzz kill, we want to create some serious change by empowering you to make simple consumer choices that are great for you and the Planet.

The Northern Rivers NSW is our home, we source from our local area and love supporting local farmers

The Bees

Bees keep the planet making love, without pollinating insects the Earth dies. With rapid and irreversible changes to ecology and planetary systems, the bees are relocating, colonies are collapsing; this is having an affect on the ability for plants to pollinate, ecosystems and our food.

The Farmer

Australian Farmers have one of the highest suicide rates out of any Australian industry, the average age is 56.

10 years ago they got 90% if profits, today it is just 10%.

When we know where the stuff we buy comes from and connect with the farmer and the planet, we have positive social, environmental and economic impacts.


We LOVE you! Your health is important to us, we are super sad that everyday we are unwilling and putting toxins in our body and the planet.

We want to give you the power to buy products that have no nasties and nourishes your biggest organ, the skin.

You will smell and feel great, your skin will be hydrated, supple and soft. It is safe to eat, so feel safe to use on the whole family.

Where do I find Franki & Bee? 

You can get Frank & Bee here or on our Facebook page.

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Contact Gina:

gina@frankiandbee.org | 0423 325 281